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Ordinary Monochrome Light-emitting Diode And Chromotropic Light-emitting Diode

- Oct 20, 2017-

Ordinary monochrome light-emitting Diode

Ordinary monochrome light-emitting diode has the advantages of small volume, low working voltage, small working current, uniform and stable luminous, fast response speed, long life, etc., which can be illuminated by various DC, AC, pulse and other power supply. It belongs to the current-controlled semiconductor device, and it is required to be connected with the appropriate limiting current resistance.

The luminous color of the ordinary monochrome light-emitting diode is related to the wavelength of luminescence, and the wavelength of luminescence depends on the semiconductor material used to make the light-emitting diode. The wavelength of the red light-emitting diode is generally 650~700nm, the wavelength of the amber light-emitting diode is generally 630~650 nm, the wavelength of the orange light-emitting diode is generally about 610~630 nm, the wavelength of the yellow light-emitting diode is about $number nm, the wavelength of the green light-emitting diode is generally 555~ $number nm.

Chromotropic light-emitting Diode

The color-changing light-emitting diode is a light-emitting diode which can transform the luminous color. Color-changing light-emitting diode light-emitting diodes can be divided into two-color light-emitting diode, three-color light-emitting diode and multi-color (red, blue, green, white four colors) light-emitting diode.

The color-changing light-emitting diode can be divided into two-terminal color-changing light-emitting diode, three-terminal color-changing light-emitting diode, four-terminal color-changing light-emitting diode and six-terminal color-changing light-emitting diode.

Commonly used two-color light-emitting diodes have 2EF series and TB series, the common three-color light-emitting diode has 2ef302, 2ef312, 2ef322 and other models.

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