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Lawn Lights And Wall Lights

- Oct 20, 2017-

Lawn lamp

Lawn light is used for the lawn around the lighting facilities, but also an important landscape facilities. Its unique design, soft lighting for the urban green landscape added security and beauty, and easy installation, decorative strong, can be used in parks, garden villas and other lawn surrounding and pedestrian street, parking, plaza and other places. Using 36W or 70W halide lamp, the spacing in $number meters is advisable.

Wall lamp

The wall lamp looks beautiful, the line is simple and graceful. Many styles, various forms, generally placed in the community, park, or stigma, very appreciative. It has simple installation, convenient maintenance and low power consumption. Lamp source is generally energy-saving lamps. General material for stainless steel, aluminum products, iron products. Electrostatic spraying on the surface of lamp body. The lamp body is usually welded with flat iron. The lamp body after electrostatic spraying, the surface is bright, bright color, brightness uniformity, with strong anti-corrosion performance requirements. The installation of the time is generally four screws fixed, there is enough strength to fix it.

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  • Glass E27 4W LED Bulb
  • PAR56 18W LED Pool Light
  • 3W Recessed LED Garden Ground Light

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