136W Red LED Grow Lights

136W Red LED Grow Lights

This 136W LED Light has a white and aluminium housing; specifically for growing plants both indoors and in greenhouses.

Product Details

136W Red LED Grow Lights Details:


136 W


220-240V AC


100-240V AC


2400 lm

Beam Angle:



270x283x85 mm




238μmol - 1m / 120μmol - 1.5m

Energy Class:





5 Years

136W Red LED Grow Lights Application:

Hydroponic plants growing ,fruit,vergetables,Vegetable Flower Fruit Greenhouse Growing Lights, Indoor Garden Green House,Medical Plants,Farming,Orchid Seedling,Garcinia Cambogia


Our Service:

 As a professional manufacturer and designer of 136W Red LED Grow Lights for 15 years, we can offer various kinds of products with advanced mechanical equipments and experienced technical workers that we can provide product on top quality and best price. The product will be shipping from China factory directly to your warehouse or building construction etc. We are confident to be the best supplier in China.


 1. Light proportion:
 The spectrum of light is very important to plants growing .  Get the best spectrum that plants need is necessary.
 We suggest wavelength Red:620-630nm and 640-660nm,Blue: 450-460nm and 460-470nm.red light promote flowering,bearing fruit, blue light  promote growing leaves. And you can choose the suitable wavelength and color  proportion to promote the plants growing. If not sure the chip ratio ,welcome to contact with us !   
 2. Light intensity:
 Plants growing need bright light, when lack of it, they get tall and leggy.    
 3. Energy saving and great power efficient:
 Enough usable light with less electricity; the light should have the power to produce much light with less power.    
 4. Duration of light and maintenance cost:
 A long lifespan and working light is good for your plants. Plus, it need to be used under all stages of growth.    
 5. High power cooling system:
 Lower working temperature led light will take care your plants better than others.    
 6. Constant current driver circuit:
 A proper LED circuit driver should supply a constant supply of direct current and regulate the intensity according to temperature changes.


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